Repeat Prescriptions

Collins & Jervie internet is currently down and they are working on the problem so are unable to pull down electronic prescriptions so may result in a delay.

Email address for prescriptions:

Online Form: Click here for the online repeat prescription form

Patients who need regular repeat medication and have had this approved by their doctor can order a repeat prescription in the following ways:

  1. By sending us your computer slip with a stamped addressed envelope and ticking the items required. Correct use of this slip is a great help to our staff.
  2. By leaving your computer slip at reception after ticking the items required and picking up the prescription 48 hours later. Extra time should be allowed for weekends and bank holidays.
  3. Online Form: Click here for the online repeat prescription form. Please allow 48 hours plus extra time for weekends and bank holidays before collecting your prescription.
  4. We cannot accept prescription requests more than two weeks before a new prescription is due. If you need to order early e.g. due to being away when the next issue is due please CLEARLY state the reason why you are ordering early on the request form. We cannot guarantee that early issues will be available. A doctor will assess and prescribe as necessary.
  5. Patient Access: You can order repeat prescriptions online using Patient access. If you have not yet registered for Patient Access click here to download the Patient Access registration form. If you have a Patient Access account go to to login to order your repeat prescription

Always order your prescription in good time - don't wait until your tablets have run out. We regret that we do not allow our staff to take prescription requests over the telephone, to avoid the possibility of dangerous mistakes.

Over the Counter Medicines

During the warmer months there is usually high demand in prescription requests for OTC hayfever medication for school children. GP practices are not required to prescribe OTC medicines for children attending school and childcare settings in order for the settings to administer OTC medication to the children.

Alternatively, there is a template available, please see attached for parents to complete outlining the details of the OTC medicine their child requires and this will allow schools and childcare settings to administer the medicine. Please signpost schools and parents to this document.

Over the Counter Medicines for Children

Repeat Medication Prescribing

Medication Reviews

If you are on repeat medication then a review is required every 6 or 12 months. You need to take action when we or the pharmacy ask you to. We will always allow 1 - 2 months leeway as BOOKING THESE APPOINTMENTS CAN BE DIFFICULT. We will not leave you without your medication.

Reducing Waste and Improving Safety.

The aim is for every patient who can request their own medication directly from their GP practice to do so either online or by taking the repeat prescription request slip to the GP practice. Third party ordering of repeat medication by community pharmacies, online pharmacies and appliance contractors may be stopped for some patients. The exception will be patients who are unable to order their medication by any of the recommended routes.

For more information please click here (PDF, 415KB)

Electronic Prescription Service (EPS)

We strongly encourage all our patients to use this service. Just tell us which pharmacy you would like us to use for all your prescriptions and your record will be noted. All prescriptions will be sent electronically to your pharmacy for you to collect. This is a much quicker, safer and more reliable system and can be used in conjunction with the Patient Access website or smartphone app.

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