Minor Injuries

Changes to Dealing with Minor Injuries

Many of you will be aware of the financial pressure on the NHS and General Practice in particular. As a consequence we have had to review some of the services we are able to offer at Amersham Health Centre.

The Minor Injuries and Illness Unit (MIIU) at Wycombe General Hospital provides an excellent GP and nurse led service and is intended to relieve pressure both on A&E departments and GP surgeries in South Bucks. Many of our local GP colleagues already refer many patients with minor injuries to MIIU instead of seeing them at the surgery. This makes sense as the MIIU service is commissioned by the Chiltern CCG to provide this extra care for our patients. As a practice we receive no funding to see patients with minor injuries.

Until recently, despite receiving no funding we have tried to accommodate appointment requests for many conditions such as minor cuts & grazes/burns, insect bites, blisters, twisted ankles etc and we have seen and treated those conditions here at Amersham. However, in light of current financial pressures it is with great reluctance that, alongside other local surgeries we will be directing you to the MIIU with these types of minor injuries/ailments.

We can assure you that the MIIU provides an excellent service. We appreciate that it will be less convenient to travel slightly further afield for treatment and for that we are sorry.

However we want to ensure that in the future we will continue to have all the resources required to deal with the more complex conditions that many of you will experience and hope you understand the reasons behind this decision.

If you have any objections we would be grateful if you would contact your local MP and raise the issue of GP funding. If the practice received funding for this service we would be very happy to reinstate it.

Below are some of the conditions that the MIIU at Wycombe will see. From August 2016, if you contact the surgery with these, you will be directed to MIIU instead of being offered an Express or GP appointment. If you are unclear if MIIU is suitable, ring 111 which should be used instead of 999 which should be reserved for emergency calls.

MIIU will see

  • cuts and bruises
  • sprains and strains
  • bites and stings
  • scalds and minor burns (but not involving the head or neck- they should attend Stoke Mandeville A&E)
  • infected grazes and blisters
  • suspected fractures ( except under 2 year olds- they should attend Stoke Mandeville A&E)
  • minor head injuries with no loss of consciousness ( if any loss of consciousness go to Stoke Mandeville A&E)
  • objects lodged in ear/eye/mouth/nose

Thank you for your understanding.

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