Friends Of Amersham Health Centre

If you would be interested in joining The Friends of Amersham Health Centre (our Patient Participation Group) and coming to a meeting, please ask at Reception for a contact form to complete.

If you aren’t able to attend meetings but would still like to be involved and informed, please let us know and we will contact you by email.

Many thanks

Dr Gabe & Partners

The Friends of Amersham Health Centre is primarily a support network for the patients and for the practice. The Friends is run by a committee whose aim is to keep both the patients better informed of relevant practice and health news, and report patient needs and concerns back to the practice for them to make improvements where possible.

The Committee would benefit from additional members who are willing and able to make a contribution in two key areas: the use of current IT opportunities and Communication to Patients (this is a wide subject involving e.g. newsletters, the use of the OH Display, posters, electronic messages).

If you would like further information about the Friends or interested in joining the Friends or the committee, please contact Pat Clarke on 01494 727184 or email or complete and return the FAHC Mebership Form below.

FAHC Membership Form (PDF, 41KB)

Friends Of Amersham Health Centre Mission Statement

FAHC Mission Statement

Below are details of a site visit carried out on the 14th February 2022 to see the new facilities and working enviornment at the health centre.

FAHC Site Visit

Minutes of meetings:

FAHC Annual General Meeting - 9 June 2022

FAHC Open Meeting - 20 January 2022

FAHC Annual General Meeting - 20 May 2021

Key Points from Mid-Chiltern PPG presentation

Minutes of Open Meeting 4 September 2019 (PDF, 247KB)

Minutes of Open Meeting 2 April 2019

Minutes of Quarterly Meeting 25 September 2018 (PDF, 345KB)

Minutes of Quarterly Meeting 22nd May 2018 (PDF, 145KB)

Patient Participation Group Report 2014/15:

Patient Participation Group Annex D Report (PDF, 292KB)

Patient Participation Group Report 2014/15

FAHC Accounts

FAHC Treasurers Report For Year Ended 5 April 2022 

Patient Constitution 2021

FAHC Constitution (PDF, 272KB)

Patient Surveys:

Results of Autumn 2019 Patient Survey (PDF, 544KB)

Results of Autumn 2017 Patient Survey

Patient Participation and Patient Satisfaction Survey Report 2013-14


Diabetes November 2019

What to do in an Emergency June 2018

End of Life Care November 2018

Annual Review:

FAHC Annual Review 2021 - 2022

FAHC Annual Review (PDF, 855KB)


April 2022 FAHC Newsletter

January 2022 FAHC Newsletter

October 2021 FAHC Newsletter

July 2021 FAHC Newsletter

April 2021 FAHC Newsletter (PDF, 571KB)

FAHC Newsletter January 2021

October 2020 FAHC Newsletter

July 2020 FAHC Newsletter

April 2020 FAHC Newsletter

January 2020 FAHC Newsletter

November 2019 FAHC Newsletter (PDF, 224KB)

September 2019 FAHC Newsletter (PDF, 292KB)

July 2019 FAHC Newsletter

May 2019 FAHC Newsletter

March 2019 FAHC Newsletter

January 2019 FAHC Newsletter

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