Coronavirus & Shielding

Vulnerable Groups of High Risk Covid-19

Some people are at a higher risk of Covid-19 infection and are in the VULNERABLE group, these patients are:

  • age 70 or older
  • aged under 70 with an underlying health condition (i.e. anyone advised to get an annual flu jab as an adult each year on medical grounds)

See NHS website

Covid-19 Update on Government Shielding Letter

Advice accurate as of 05/04/2020

As you may be aware, the Government have sent over a million letters to patients advising them that they are at risk and should isolate for 12 weeks.

These letters were produced using hospital data and not from GP Practices. As a result the Government announced that GP Practices will be writing to additional patients by the beginning of this week.

As you may have noticed, there has been a delay in this process centrally by NHS England and NHS Digital.We understand and share your frustration, and we will update our patients as soon as we have more clarification..

This situation is completely out of our control and we are dependent on NHS England and NHS Digital informing us once these additional patients have been identified.

We assure you once we have received clear guidance, letters will be sent out accordingly.

Thank you once again for your patience,

Dr Gabe and Partners.

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